Pinnacle high school boys lacrosse competes in the Arizona Lacrosse League, drawing from 9th-12th grade student athletes in Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD).

Sponsor Recognition

We would like to thank our 2021 sponsors for their generous contributions in support of our program. As a non-profit program, all sponsorship dollars go to the benefit of the club and our players. The contributions made by these individuals and organizations made it possible to have a season. Please support our sponsors when the need arises!

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New Varsity Head Coach Announcement

New Varsity Head Coach Announcement - Karl Lynch


The Pinnacle High School Boys Lacrosse program is pleased to announce the hiring of Karl Lynch as its new Varsity Head Coach.

“I am thankful for the opportunity,” said Coach Lynch. “The coaches and I see the potential to build a consistent championship level program in North Phoenix. Our young men seem ready for the challenge.”

Coach Lynch was previously the Head Coach at Southern Methodist University (SMU) where his teams won a pair of Lone Star Alliance championships in his 8 years with the team. His Mustangs teams were regularly ranked in the MCLA top #25. Along the way, his players consistently earned All-American Awards and MCLA Scholar Awards. Prior to SMU, he was the Head Coach at the University of North Texas, Trinity University, and Co-Head Coach at Arizona State University. He was twice voted Coach of the Year.

He was also the Director of the High School Program for Chaos Lacrosse, a summer travel program in Frisco, Texas. 

Karl is married to Catherine Lynch, an associate professor at Texas Woman’s University.  They have a daughter, Mia and a son, Aidan.

Please help us in welcoming Coach Lynch into the Pinnacle Boys Lacrosse family. We are extremely excited to have him leading our program. 

- Pinnacle Lacrosse Parents Board

by posted 11/18/2019
Wall Ball Program


Pinnacle Wall Ball Progam


1) Gloves are optional for the first 2 weeks. You should be comfortable in your game gloves by the  start of fall ball performing all skills. 

2) Close D and LSMs should complete the routine with a short stick. Advanced players may use a  long pole. All skills tests will require a short stick (BTB, split dodges, etc.) 

3) Dial in your pocket. Find someone to re‐string if you have an off‐the‐shelf pocket, order one  online, text coach for help.  a. This is not optional. The cost v. benefit here is massive. Fix your crap pocket NOW. 

4) There are thousands of available resources to make you a better lacrosse player. Seek them out.   

5) If you have a question, ask.   


Any player seeking to be considered for varsity playing time should perform the routine 3‐4 times per  week. If you want to be good, perform it daily. There are few guarantees in the world, but daily wall ball will make you better (I guarantee it). 

Throw for 25‐30 minutes. It is possible to get 1000 touches in 30 minutes.   

1) Stand roughly 10‐15 feet from the wall 

2) Aim for a spot about 10 feet off the ground 

3) Throw hard 

4) Listen to music, Visualize game situations, or just zone out and count 

Basic Skills 

10x Right hand 

10x Left hand 

10x Quick stick right (7‐10 feet away) 

10x Quick stick left 

10x One hand right (hold stick slightly above halfway) 

10x One hand left 

20x Right>Catch& Split>Left>Catch & Split (1 Throw & Catch with each side=1 rep) 

20x Right>split>catch Left>split> right (split in the air, 1 Throw & Catch with each side=1 rep)   

Advanced Skills 

10x Canadian Left (cross‐handed right) 

10x Canadian right (cross‐handed left) 

5x BTB right 

5x BTB left 

Division 1 NCAA players are expected to complete this routine in 2m30s   


1) Point the butt end of your stick at the target.   

2) SOFT HANDS. Pretend the ball is an egg. 

3) Snap your wrists forward upon release   

Winter Conditioning Test: 1 mile field run (5 laps+endline <8m), 40yd dash (5.5s), Agililty T (10s) 

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PBLC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (#11-3735328) and we are in need of business and family donors to keep lacrosse accessible. All of your donations are tax deductible!






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